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Luxury Villa In Goa, Luxury Tree Houses

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing holiday? Life in a metropolitan city can become monotonous, urging you to catch a break from your hectic life once in a while and what better way to do so other than going on a relaxing vacation to a place that feels close to paradise, Goa is one such place. Perfect for a weekend getaway located in the lush green Western Ghats and placed on the banks of the Arabian Sea. It is a place that exudes a sense of joy and happiness for family and friends.

Goa boasts of its Indo – Portuguese culture, laid back lifestyle, vibrant colours, catchy music, mouth-watering foods, booming nightlife and historical architecture. It is a perfect combination of all of nature’s beauties, a place that will leave you gasping for more. If you are planning a trip to Goa, chances are you will want to go back. Hence, it is a good idea to buy or rent a place to stay in, instead of living in a hotel. The property rate in Goa usually appreciates, due to the rise in tourism. There are some fabulous luxury villas in Goa, that one can rent or even buy, located in close proximity to the most happening joints and situated on the banks of beautiful water bodies.

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People love nature, but also require amenities such as electronic devices, Internet connection, telephones etc. Tree house living is a fairly new concept that has had a positive response across the globe. It is a perfect experience of back to nature living – a blend between nature and human life; an experience of living above it all, with a diverse variety of birds and other natural life, with patios and balconies bathing in the morning sun. Amoravida offers beautiful luxury tree houses that are also eco friendly. The complex has a number of amenities like a spa, a waterside shack, a fitness center, a play area, a swimming pool etc. Situated on river Chapora and well linked to all the markets and beaches in North Goa.

Goa is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is home to several stunning beaches and water bodies, and is thickly forested, making it a natural habitat for wild life. It is also the host for many cultural, art and music events mostly in the winter months and has also become a hub for destination weddings and birthdays. Goa is very diverse as it is famous for both, its nightlife and tranquil nature. A must visit for all avid traveller

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