Your ‘home in a garden’ at Amoravida is surrounded by a landscape design that is mostly modernist, sometimes vernacular, but always inventive. Tall palm plantations and luscious fruit orchards that recreate the aura of sacred groves of the region. A diversity of herbal, medicinal, spice, scented and tactile ornamental gardens. Oasis-like reflecting pools, an evocative kund, seductive seating areas, soulful shrines, and a deepstambh that alludes to the Dhareshwar and Mulvir temples after whom the village and site are named. In the midst of it all, the stillness of a natural pool. And a roofed amphitheatre, terraced plazas, lazy decks and cozy pavilions that become spaces for art, performance and interaction. This is where neighbours become friends, and friends transform into a community.

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