The luxury Treehouse Bungalows at Amoravida are iconic sculptural forms that rise to the sky. A distinct architectural style that clustersdwellings together, and yet creates a sense of separation through magical transitional spaces – artful courtyards, generous plazas, shaded glens,play areas and pavilions – creating fluid breezeways that cool the environment, night and day. In addition, deep overhangs drawfrom the wisdom of traditional Goan architecture to bring breezes in, while keeping out the harsh sunlight and lashing monsoon rains.he vertical composition of the Treehouse Bungalows also makes them much more than just impressive buildings to ‘look at’.They are great places to ‘look from’, to feast your eyes on the spontaneity of nature, its many moods, the changing colours of the landscape,the light, wind, sun, trees, plants, birds and wildlife. You are truly on top of the world.

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