The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need,
but not every man’s greed.

Mahatma Gandhi

At Amoravida, sustainability and ‘green’ development’ aren’t just words or industry standards we have to meet. They are holistic
principles that inspire our ‘net zero’ design strategy to maximise renewable energy and minimise energy consumption, green house
gases and carbon footprint by over 25%. Setting a new benchmark in low-impact eco-design in ecologically sensitive areas.
And remaining true to the grand design of nature. For there is no Planet B.

Towards a ‘NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDING’ strategy, extensive analyses of climatological factors, solar radiation, wind direction and velocity etc. were conducted. Based on the findings, several techniques were incorporated in the design to minimize energy consumption - like shading devices, insulation, ventilation and the use of geothermal energy, solar energy and other technologies. The result is a reduction of over 26% in energy consumption and a corresponding reduction of emission of greenhouse gases.

Source Reduction in Energy
Consumption (%)
Building Form Sun Shading 2.35%
Insulated Roof 3.00%
Efficient Wall System 2.26%
High Performance Glass 5.23%
Enhanced Daylight 0.84%
Occupancy Sensors 0.18%
Efficient HVAC 7.98%
Lighting Power Density 3.50%
Enjoy Beautiful Sun Rising at Amoravida Goa


The fact that Amoravida is located in
‘one of the ten hottest hotspots of
biological diversity’ in the world…

Beautiful green Nature Trees

The fact that Amoravida is located in 'one of the ten hottest hotspots of biological diversity' in the world is a source of both, great pride
and responsibility. Confronted by the reality of increasing deforestation and rising sea levels in Goa, we apply the concept of
bioregionalism to minimise our footprint on the land. Working to achieve a delicate balance between building a community, maintaining
the microclimate of the site, and nurturing natural resources. And preserving the richness of its forests, mangroves, vegetative cover,
riverine and tidal ecosystems and wildlife refuges. For as the saying goes, ‘Take care of the earth, and she will take care of you.’


    Maximise harmony between buildings, inhabitants and the ecology
    Minimise disturbance to the land, biodiversity and water
    Optimise human comfort at minimum energy consumption
    Develop ‘ecolodges’ as the design doctrine of sustainable dwellings
    Adopt an ecologically sensitive, compact, dense land-use form
    Reduce water consumption
    Minimise all forms of pollution
    Reduce, recycle, reuse of all natural wastes
    Regenerate natural habitats

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    Committed to achieving ‘Platinum’ or ‘Gold’ certification level green rating from the Indian Green Building Council.

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